The images below are on thumbnails. By double clicking on the thumbnail, you will download and see (and save, if you wish), a full size copy of these great photographs of our ship. These images are 600K to 1 M in size so, depending on your download speed, downloading can take a few minutes. Have patience as the pictures should be good enough to make a 8x10 print!

Picking 1943.jpg (892685 bytes)

DD-685 in 1943

0012880-R2-E019.jpg (116764 bytes)

DD-685 with USS Boxer CV-21 taken in early 1953 off Korea from USS Trathen DD-530 by Lt. Bill Rugg

Destroyer men of the fleet.jpg (536147 bytes)

DD-685 in 1954

Picking Monte Carlo.jpg (654815 bytes)

DD-685 in 1985 at Monte Carlo

Picking 1958.jpg (471879 bytes)

DD-685 in 1958 at Long Beach

Picking 1960.jpg (1056527 bytes)

DD-685 in 1960

Picking 1968.jpg (625836 bytes)

DD-685 in 1968