Ship's Namesake

Capt. Sherwood Picking, USN

The Picking was named in memory of Captain Sherwood Picking, USN, who died in a plane crash in Scotland en route to London on 1 September 1941. 

Captain Picking was born in Baltimore, Maryland on 21 February 1890. He graduated from the U.S Naval Academy in the class of 1911. As LT he was the first captain of the USS O-10 (SS-71) when she was commissioned on 17 August 1918.  As LCDR, he was commanding officer of the submarine S-7 when she was commissioned on 1 July 1920. The USS Barracuda (SS-163) was commissioned on 1 October 1924 and LCDR Picking was her first CO. He was promoted to Captain on 1 July  1939. During WWI, he was cited for distinguished and heroic action as Commanding Officer of a submarine which operated in waters infested with enemy vessels and mines.

In June 1936, Captain Picking was stationed at Harvard University in connection with the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps Unit. Later he was placed in command of Submarine Squadron Three, with additional duty commanding the Submarine Base at Coco Solo9, Canal Zone.  He returned to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in April 1941, after which he was assigned to temporary duty in London, England.